On this page you'll find information about all my available releases, including full-length albums, EPs and collaborative works. They are all available for purchase on Bandcamp in digital or physical formats. 

Christopher Whitley - hecca autre (AUDIO. VISUALS. ATMOSPHERE., 2018)

"...a creative, mature work that is as sophisticated as it is subversive." - Kevin Press (Badd Press)

Intense visceral shapes of brilliant vapour reduce a vast network of motions to ashes. Glacier-capped movements set against the dark palette of nature’s circle of birth and death. Masked by the rain and wind the well worn paths make way for untrodden ones. Through a thick film of virtuosic violin strings we are left with a series of impressionistic abstractions. An evocative palette of hazy sequences expands the outer limits of this illuminating score. 

Composed, performed and produced by Christopher Whitley. 

Available in Physical and Digital formats HERE. C38. Edition of 55. Purchase includes digital download code. 

Christopher Whitley - still lifes (self-released, 2016) 

Originally a collaboration with Toronto-based cello duo VC2still lifes began as a live performance piece for two cellos and live electronics before taking on a new life as a five movement electronic work. 

Christopher Whitley - Electronics  
VC2 (Amahl Arulanandam, Bryan Holt) - Cellos

Valley of the Shadow of Death - Long After the Days and the Seasons, and People and Countries (2011)

"Improvisational art rock experimenting with screeching and sweeping violins, erratic howls, and foreign film dialogue." - CMJ Music Marathon

Experimental trio Valley of the Shadow of Death was formed in Montreal in 2008. Bringing together influences from contemporary classical music, experimental electronic music and  turntablism, Jackson Darby, Max Evans and Christopher Whitley performed widely in Montreal and Toronto. They appeared at the 2009 CMJ Music Marathon in New York City. 

Jackson Darby - Laptop, Electronics, Turntables
Christopher Whitley - Violin, Piano, Guitar
Max Evans - Cello, Saw, Guitar